Warehouse Renting started in 1991 by the Sterling Arriaga and Associates group. Their goal was to acquire, rent warehouse and office space throughout South Florida, to commercial tenants and professionals.

Since those early days, Warehouse Renting has become a commercial buyer, seller, lessor of warehouse space located in Miami, Florida. With over 1 million square feet of warehouse space in South Florida, we’ve become the premier warehouse rental company in South Florida.

Our diverse collection of commercial properties, plazas and warehouses make us different and unique. With numerous locations centrally located, Warehouse Renting offers you diversity, options and an array of locations in South Florida. We also have an extensive list of A, B and C commercial buildings that either adjacent to our warehouse properties or stand-alone properties in busy commercial districts. Our clients will find an array of locations and properties that help them stand out above the crowd. For more information please feel free to contact us at julio@warehouserenting.com or ingrid@warehouserenting.com or cynthia@warehouserenting.com or jesenia@warehouserenting.com
or call/text us directly at Phone: 305.798.3966, Julio or Phone: 786.328.6354, Ingrid